for antimicrobial activity


Screening Facilities

CO-ADD Screening facilities include

  • Robotic Screening Equipment
  • Microbiology Facility
  • Cell Biology Facility
  • Compound Handling Facilities for medium to high throughput screening

These facilities are located at The University of Queensland's Institute for Molecular Bioscience in Brisbane, Australia.

CO-ADD contains a growing collection of more than 350 bacterial and fungal strains, encompassing ATCC reference sensitive strains, a range of clinical isolates from around the world, multidrug-resistant strains, and genetically modified strains. Standard minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) testing is conducted in 96-well plates, or in high-throughput format in 384-well plates in two dedicated BSL-2 secure facilities.

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Medicinal Chemistry and Efficacy

CO-ADD is equipped with a fully functional medicinal chemistry lab, comprising analytical and purification equipment.

  • Analytical LC/MS (ELSD)
  • Preparative HPLC
  • Rotational Vacuum Concentrator (RVC)
  • Analytical NMR
  • Robotics for liquid handling
  • Murine efficacy models

Which are complemented with

The fully equipped lab enables CO-ADD to provide:

  • Synthesis of individual ligands up to a scale of 1g
  • Synthesis of chemical libraries up to a size of 500 compounds per library
  • Pre-clinical efficacy studies