UN General Assembly to tackle drug-resistant bacteria

On 21 September 2016, global leaders met at the the UN General Assembly for a one-day high-level meeting  in New York on “Antimicrobial Resistance“. The meeting included Member States, non-governmental organizations, civil society, the private sector and academic institutions, in order to provide input.

The primary objective of the high-level meeting was to summon and maintain strong national, regional and international political commitment in addressing antimicrobial resistance comprehensively and multi-sectorally, and to increase and improve awareness of antimicrobial resistance.

Superbugs with no more superdrugs

‘I had a small fall, a graze below the right knee, I didn’t think anything of it.’ Vanessa, a mother of three, looks up as she tries to remember the details of where it all began. Eight years ago she was infected with an aggressive bacteria after grazing her knee. But it wasn’t just a regular bacterial infection. Vanessa had a superbug. Emma Ceccato reports.

Call for 'cultural shift' on antibiotic use

NPS MedicineWise has used Antibiotic Awareness Week (16-22 November) to call for a ‘cultural shift’ in the way antibiotics are used in Australia to combat the serious health issue of antibiotic resistance against a backdrop of virtually no development of new antibiotics.