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 CO-ADD International Champions

The CO-ADD Champions are scientists who want to be part of the solution to the superbug crisis and are supporting the Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery's mission to find the next antibiotic. Representing ANZ, USA, Europe, North and South America and Africa, they help us to spread the word about CO-ADD and encourage others to join. Please feel free to contact them in your native language to participate in the CO-ADD initiative and send compounds, and hear about their experience.

International Champions:



North America & Canada


South America




What do CO-ADD Champions do? 

  • Spread the word: Talk about CO-ADD to other scientists within their university and network (colleagues, mailing lists, societies, conferences, presentations...). You can also display our flyer on noticeboards.
  • Social Scouts: we are on Twitter at @COADD_news
  • Stories: interview CO-ADD participants and key opinion leaders in your country
  • Point of contact: be a point of contact for other researchers in your countries in your native language and help us translating our promotional materials
  • Advocacy: what is the superbug crisis? Why are antibiotics important? Why do we need to take action? Resources can be found on our Superbug Crisis tab

We can send you postcards, flyers and promotional materials. > Contact us to become a CO-ADD Champion and help us find the next antibiotic

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