for antimicrobial activity

Chief medical officer for england, PROFessor Dame Sally Davies dbe fmedsci frs
"Technologies such as this could hold the key to antimicrobial drug discovery in the future"
Prof Mark Moloney, University of Oxford, UK

"CO-ADD provides exactly the sort of platform that synthetic chemists need to get high quality antibacterial screening for their compound libraries, and without a fee! This data will certainly support publications, but more importantly significantly increases the likelihood of finding novel and interesting antibacterial agents at a time when they are desperately needed all over the world."   

 "CO-ADD provides exactly the sort of platform that synthetic chemists need to get high quality antibacterial screening"
Dr Mike Coogan, Lancaster University, UK

"Very pleasant team to deal with, very rapid and professional responses, all round a pleasure and exactly the sort of thing that makes new discoveries happen - any synthetic chemist can with no expertise and no need for seeking out collaborators with the right knowledge contribute to the search for new antimicrobials simply for the cost of postage! If only it was as easy for anti-cancer, anti-malaria etc.”

"Exactly the sort of of thing that makes new discoveries happen"
Dr Alina Ghinet, French School of High Studies in Engineering (HEI), France 

“Chemistry is extraordinary, with few limits. Identifying a hit among the tested compounds will permit a rational drug design in order to improve the biological potential. CO-ADD gives us an excellent opportunity to participate to the screening in order to discover new promising molecules as antibiotic candidates.”

"An excellent opportunity to discover new promising molecules"

Prof Antonio Echavarren, Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, Spain

“We are developing several medicinal chemistry programs at ICIQ for the development of more selective analogues of some antitumor compounds. Joining the CO-ADD initiative has enabled us to further explore the biological relevance of some of our synthetic molecules.”

"CO-ADD has enabled us to explore the biological relevance of some of our synthetic molecules"
Prof Victor Semenov, N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russia

“I hope to screen our collection of 150,000 molecules with CO-ADD to find active molecules. We aim to create an online interface to share the results of the CO-ADD antimicrobial screening results on our compound collection and help the research community to find the next antibiotic.”

"We share our results online to help the research community find the next antibiotic"
Philippe Jauffret, CNRS Unit for the French National Chemical Library, France

“CO-ADD fits perfectly within the missions of the French National Chemical Library to build collections of original chemical compounds and develop partnerships at the chemistry-biology interface to understand and treat living systems.”

"CO-ADD fits perfectly with the mission of our national compound library to develop partnerships at the chemistry-biology interface"
Dr Steven Bull, University of Bath, UK

"The CO-ADD antibiotic screening facility represents an outstanding opportunity for academics to screen novel compounds for antibiotic activity against clinically relevant bacterial and fungal pathogens. In our experience, their free screening service represents a rapid, cost-effective and highly efficient method of identifying novel antibiotic activity, including the provision of valuable human toxicology data for promising lead compounds. Their assistance has contributed greatly in enabling us to rapidly identify and develop a new class of potent antimicrobial that displays good activity against both gram positive bacteria (e.g. MRSA) and fungi (e.g. Candida albicans). We have found the CO-ADD team to be a joy to work with and I am delighted to recommend their screening services to other academics who may be looking to identify new antibiotic candidates."

"I am delighted to recommend their screening services" 

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