Open webinar – Funding and support for development of anti-infectives (8pm - Dec 14, 2016)

Monday 14 December 2016, 8pm UTC +10 (Brisbane) - Open webinar – Funding and support for development of anti-infectives. Free registration.

The European Biotechnology Network (EBN) is delighted to host a webinar open to scientists world-wide active in the development of novel anti-infectives. Two major projects are currently running that support and/or fund the identification and development of novel Gram negative programmes, from early stage discovery through to clinical trials. The IMI-funded ENABLE project offers collaborative funding in Europe for the development of promising Gram negative programmes through to clinical trial, while the Wellcome Trust funded CO-ADD project offers free compound screening to academic groups world-wide to identify anti-infective properties.

If you have any queries, please contact EBN directly.

This webinar is open to all scientists (industry and academia) active in the development of novel anti-infectives. Participation is free of charge. Register here.

What we will talk about
-    The Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery – crowdsourcing compounds for antibiotic discovery
-    Free antimicrobial screening against 5 ESKAPE bacteria and 2 fungi. Primary screening, hit confirmation, and hit validation assays
-    Open-access research, IP management and data sharing

Who should attend
-    Academic chemists who want to get more mileage out of their chemistry by testing existing compounds for antibiotic activity
-    Academic chemists who have compound collections, small or large, synthetic or natural products, sitting on shelves
-    Academic chemists interested in anti-infective research

What will you get out of it
-    Access to a free antimicrobial screening program
-    Data package fit to apply for further development through IMI-ENABLE

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