Antibiotic Resistance: What You Can Do to Prevent a Future Pandemic| TEDxBend | Dr Ravina Kullar

One defining moment fundamentally changed the course of Dr Ravina Kullar’s personal and professional life. It was the pivotal moment that led her into specialising in infectious diseases and taking action in the fight against antibiotic resistance, which is projected to kill more than 10 million people worldwide per year by 2050.

CO-ADD team at ECCMID 2017 Vienna

ECCMID is the largest annual clinically focused infectious disease meeting in Europe, attracting a record breaking 12,494 delegates from 126 countries worldwide.

Although ECCMID is a profoundly clinical focused meeting, our CO-ADD team found some great inspiration from talks on biofilm eradication, diagnostic technologies and general updates on the spread of infectious diseases throughout Europe and beyond. This year’s meeting had a heavy focus on the challenges of successfully treating biofilms (both bacterial and fungal), and diagnostics for bacterial, fungal and viral identification.